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Donate to BCMD to help Hurricane Harvey Victims

September 4, 2017 | by: Michael Shafran | 0 comments

Below is some information of SEND relief. If you would like to help donate to the Baptist Convention of MD / Delaware who will be sending relief workers soon, you can donate HERE. We will also take a special offering on Sunday, Sept 10. 

1. What was Send Relief’s immediate response?

Before Hurricane Harvey made landfall Friday, August 25, Send Relief and Southern Baptist Disaster Relief (SBDR) teams were prepared to mobilize. On that Friday morning, teams and equipment were staged in outlying areas, like Mississippi, for quick access and aid to Houston.

2. What does the response look like today?

As of Friday, September 1, access to the Southeast Texas area is still very limited. SBDR rst responders are beginning to make entry. Once the area is stabilized, both trained and event-based volunteers will begin meeting necessary needs of hurricane survivors.

3. Can untrained volunteers serve?

Yes. We call them “event-based” volunteers. In most cases, SBDR typically does not accept untrained volunteers; however, the magnitude of Hurricane Harvey has necessitated more volunteers who can serve long-term.

4. Can we be trained as volunteers to serve with Southern Baptist Disaster Relief?

Absolutely. In fact, some tasks require formal certi cation such as meal preparation, chain saw teams, and certain cleanup tasks. You may contact your state SBDR leadership for training opportunities. Find your state convention contact here:

5. What will volunteers be doing?

Volunteers need to be very exible. We anticipate volunteers to be involved in preparing and handing out meals, serving in shelters, providing childcare and assisting people to collect items from their damaged homes. Some of the more labor-intensive work includes minor interior demolition and mudding out homes impacted by water.

6. How many meals can SBDR provide?

We have capacity to provide up to 400,000 meals daily. Volunteers make this happen!

7. Where can churches register to serve?

You may register as a group or as individuals at

8. Does Send Relief collaborate with other responding organizations?

Absolutely. With dozens of organizations responding, along with the federal government, it is essential we work together. It allows us to maximize our e ectiveness and avoid duplicity in our response.

9. How can an individual engage their church group or friends in Send Relief?

We’ve provided videos and graphics to share Houston’s dire needs. Tag friends and family on social media to raise awareness, or email church members to sign-up to serve.

10. How long will the Hurricane Harvey response last?

This will take years. We need Southern Baptists to be patient and willing to serve long after Harvey leaves the news cycle. If you are unable to serve, join us in prayer for all volunteers and rst responders, as well as for those living in the a ected areas.

11. Where does the money go that is given to Hurricane Harvey recovery?

Your dollars are allocated toward:
• Acquiring materials and supplies used in the response. These include Shockwave (mold remediation), rolled roo ng, ood buckets, and personal protective equipment (e.g., suits, masks, gloves)
• Event-speci c logistics and event coordination (e.g., fuel, staging of supplies, material distribution)
• Grants to churches impacted by wind and ooding for rebuilding or repairs
• Grants to state conventions and association partners in a ected areas

Your generous donations do not pay for:
• Compensation for Send Relief disaster relief sta or North American Mission Board sta • Trucks, trailers, or other disaster relief equipment

12. How can we pray?

• Pray for those su ering, that they might be drawn to the Lord for comfort.
• Pray for responders, for their safety and stamina.
• Pray for wisdom for government leaders as they make timely and di cult decisions.
• Pray for generous gifts of donations and time from volunteers to help quicken the clean-up process.
• Pray for patience and for a heart to meet the needs of the Texas people for a long time.
• Most importantly, pray that gospel conversations may happen and that the lost might come to salvation through Jesus Christ.